February 15, 2013

Road Trip to Magic City

I'm in Miami!! Yippee! As some of you already know from my Instagram I've had quite the adventure getting here! A week ago my boyfriend and I set out on a road trip from Los Angeles, and we took our time driving all across the US to our final destination in Miami. We stopped at silly roadside attractions, the Grand Canyon, saw a meteor crater in Arizona, wound up in New Orleans just in time for Fat Tuesday, visited my grandparents, tried new foods, and discovered fun restaurants. When we reached our final destination we were exhausted, and yet so sad to see the end of our journey! One of my favorite things about modeling is having opportunities to travel near and far. I could have quite easily flown to Florida, but I'm so happy that my boyfriend and I took the extra time to create some memories along the way instead.

To be totally honest Los Angeles had been wearing me thin. While I was excited for my upcoming move to Miami I was also feeling quite disconnected from myself and what I was doing. LA can do that to a gal quite easily! Having a lot of time and fun with my love (who I had lived 400 miles away from for half a year) on my way out here really re-centered me. At first I was worried that my time on the road would keep me away from castings for too long, but soon that feeling melted away. The craziness of the LA talent industry had enslaved me for quite some time, and I can't tell you how grateful I am to catch a break from it. I feel like my life is my own again.

Marty had to fly back to California this morning, but I'll be based in Miami for at least the next two months. I'm looking forward to winter sunshine and exploring the area. I can't wait to see the Everglades and the Florida Keys on my days off, to pick up my own camera again and get back into photography, to visit with my east coast family that I rarely get to see. My goal here is to have an adventure, to take my hobbies more seriously, and to keep finding the inner peace that I lost in Hollyweird.

I'll keep you posted on my stay here - but first here are some photos from our road trip! :)

Mojave Desert
I think this was the only warm and dry part of the trip! I saw Joshua Trees off the side of the road and made Marty take an exit for pictures. So beautiful there!

This is where things suddenly changed to cold and windy. We figured it was just because of Flagstaff's elevation, but alas the chill lasted the remainder of our journey. We still had fun though! In Flagstaff we discovered a restaurant called Pita Jungle - and we ate there three times! Haha. We were addicted! Turns out there is one in Los Angeles... go figure. I know where we'll be eating back home! Arizona also had some awesome roadside attractions, and we stopped at quite a few - including a giant Fred Flinstone and a T-Rex!

Grand Canyon
What is there to say? The Grand Canyon is grand indeed!

Meteor Crater
We weren't completely sold on this one until we tuned the radio to Meteor Crater radio (as advertised on a road sign). I wish we had a recording of it! We repeated it annoyingly (and awesomely) the rest of the trip. "Prepare for impact!" Haha. Was really a cool site to see.

New Mexico
The weather here was crazy!! I got a bit nervous, but luckily Marty is an excellent driver. We were in and out of snow for a bit and then entered a big storm... look at that crazy cloud we drove into in the second picture!

Old Route 66
This was one of my favorite parts of the trip. These are just a few pictures I took on my phone, but I fell in love with the old signs and Marty drove me to a bunch so I could whip out my DSLR. I can't wait to go through all the pictures! :)

Cadillac Ranch, Texas
Those crazy Texans! Haha. A bunch of buried Cadillacs that people are encouraged to spray paint. Fun!

The Big Texan
So, turns out Marty is quite the cowboy at heart. He had talked about it before, but I never knew the extent of it! He got simply giddy in Texas, especially at The Big Texan - which was indeed super fun. They even had a Zoltar machine like in the movie BIG! I bolted towards it the second I saw it.

New Orleans, Mardi Gras
What. A. Party. Enough said! We barely got any pictures because we were too wide-eyed taking in all the amazing people watching. Daquiris, Cajun food, crazy costumes... too much to see and do in one day! But we tried our best!

Cafe Du Monde, New Orleans
Delicious delicious delicious.

McGuire's Irish Pub, Florida
We voted this the best meal of the trip. We ordered an Irish Wake (the green drink in the mason jar) and big ol' steaks. There was great live music, and the walls and ceiling were completely covered in one dollar bills - over a million dollars worth of them! Crazy! The food and service was AMAZING. We'll find a way to get back here, I'm sure!

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