March 30, 2013

It's Festival Season, Baby!

Just in time for festival season, here are my tips to help ensure you have the best time possible! The energy at these huge festivals is absolutely amazing, and also very tiring! You have to prepare and take care of yourself as you brave the crowds, the elements, and your physical endurance. I hope you all make it to a festival this summer! Be safe and enjoy!

Coachella 2012

Hydrate and Boost
At festivals you are out in the hot sun, you are sweating, consuming alcohol, and you wind up drinking less so you have to visit the portables less. It is almost inevitable that you will get somewhat dehydrated. If you want to keep up with the party you really need to hydrate as much as possible beforehand. This means starting the night before! It's also a great idea to get your immunity up since you'll be around so many people. I recommend drinking an Emergen-C the night before (and after) as well. You wouldn't run a marathon without preparing your body, and you shouldn't do a long festival without preparing your body either.

Do Your Research
Be sure to pick out a few of your favorites from the lineup beforehand. Don't plan everything out -  wandering around a festival and discovering new sounds is part of the organic experience. But you want to make sure you don't get totally lost in the hustle and bustle and miss your highlights, either. Know which ones you can't miss, as well as a few that are more negotiable as well.

Look Sharp
What you wear to the festival is really the most important factor. I get cold super easy, so I always pack or wear an extra layer or two, especially for at night when temperatures can drop drastically. Shoes are also extremely important. You will be dancing, walking around in dirt, maneuvering through crowds, stepping on trash, and going into portables ALL DAY... just think about it. Sneakers are really a no brainer. And as far as style goes, just go for it. If for nothing else at least those pink fur boots will be more reliable for locating your friends than your cell phone will be.

Wear Sunscreen
Nothing sucks on days 2 and 3 like a sunburn from day 1. Don't let it happen!

Be a Provider
You want to pack light to the festival, but in the spirit of togetherness I think it is really important that you bring at least one thing that you can also share with others. There will be times you will depend on the generosity of others, so it's great to be able to return the favor in some way. My favorite thing to provide are face cleansing towelettes. Almost no one thinks to bring them and they are such a luxury for freshening up. They also double as TP when the stalls run out! Extra gum, sunscreen, eye drops, a lighter, hand sanitizer, or tampons are other small things that can be shared with friends.

Snowglobe 2012

Ultra 2013

I have completely fallen in love with the energy at music festivals. I hope that every person has the chance to experience it! I just went to Ultra in Miami last week and had an amazing time with new friends. Knife Party killed it, Snoop brought back some of my favorite classics, and Swedish House Mafia closed the night so perfectly that the crowd left the area chanting. And now I am now looking forward to Coachella in just two weeks! I can't wait! It is festival season, baby! Please comment if you have any further tips of your own! Namaste ~

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  1. I love this, especially the bits about clothing and bringing items to share! To add to this great list, don't forget about getting a good night's sleep before you start your trip, and then giving yourself a couple days after the journey to recover and catch up on sleep. This will help to boost & recover immunity (along with the emergen-c for sure!). Also, I've seen so many people ruin their 2nd and 3rd days with hangovers-- drink lightly early in the afternoon and then stop, so it doesn't steamroll into a sleepless barf-fest later in the night. Be safe and have a blast Ellen! xo