February 17, 2014

My Name is Gypsy Revival

A break was just what I needed. If you can call a full load at school and commuting 3 hours to modeling gigs a break. Yet I did get to unpack my bags at home for a while and settle in. I lived in my small hometown for a few months and hit the reset button. I was able to change my priorities and let modeling fall towards the back of my mind a bit, only traveling for the things that felt truly important to me. After the ruckus of the last two years letting my heart and mind explore a blank slate did me a lot of good.

At school I furthered my practice with photography, learned Photoshop, studied entrepreneurship, and dove into a film production called Heist. I wanted to learn skills I could readily use in new ventures, and I'm happy to say I really did learn so much.

Despite the enjoyment of my studies it took me a long time to relax. The change of pace was a bit of a shock. Rather than hopping from place to place, hustling from casting to casting, I was spending hours in the library and computer lab. No more get-togethers with friends, or playing on South Beach. Instead I was spending quiet evenings at home with my parents. At first settling in was a painful process. A lot of the negative things that had happened flooded my mind. The quiet of my life was unnerving. I had a horrid couple months of sleeplessness. Yet somewhere along the way I began to let things go. The cloud lifted. I forgave people who had hurt me, people who had never even asked for forgiveness. Once I began to see the light I started to get excited about the future again. I realized I missed certain aspects of modeling, and even more so the pursuit of acting. I started day-dreaming again, planning and plotting for when I'd get my freedom.

I took on the role of Casting Director for our class project Heist. It was a big production with a large cast. Quite an undertaking. I was able to put the connections I'd made in my prior LA life to good use. I got my friend Desiree Manly whom I'd met in acting class to tape an audition, and it landed her a lead part. After months of studious and simple living it was wonderful to have her come up for filming. We stayed together and caught up on our nights off. Desi's visit and being on set (as a part of the production team for a change) hardened my resolve to get back to LA and acting. There's nothing like the magic of movie making. Here are some behind the scenes images I captured on set --

The more I became eager to move on the slower the semester seemed to go. I still enjoyed my studies, as I love learning... but my gypsy spirit was getting antsy to move on to the next adventure. After feeling dumpy for so long it felt amazing to be so excited, and so frustrating to be stuck in one place! I tried to stay focused and worked hard. Then before I knew it finals were upon me! After waiting and waiting, suddenly the semester was over. It was bittersweet. I had come to love my new little life, and I had made some wonderful friends of my classmates. 

Over Christmas break I started working on my modeling portfolio again, and turning my plans into action. I was able to do a photoshoot just south of my home near Yosemite with Joe Goger, a photographer I'd met living in Miami. I love the images so much! We had a miraculously warm and lovely day...

Fast forward to today. I'm "living in LA." Which I type with humor as I sit back at home at my parents house! Nothing like moving away to spark opportunities in the place you've just left. This business is so funny that way. I suspect I'll be here for a week or two at least. Then back to LA I go, as soon as possible. I'm getting into an ongoing acting class and building opportunities for commercials. I've booked mainly commercial work over the past two years, so only makes sense to focus in and build on that.

Other than that, I'm also refocusing on reviving this blog! I have some new interviews in the works that I can't wait to share with you. 
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