December 26, 2014

Curating Your Social Media Experience

For a long time I followed mostly models on social media who seemed to be successful. I guess I was hoping for some hints to their success... but instead I found myself feeling despondent. They had a ton of followers, but posted about their seemingly distant lives with an overwhelming overtone of "perfection." Rather than getting any glimpses into the struggles, the real nitty gritty, I was seeing a bunch of put-together posts that felt empty and out of reach. Everything seemed so one-dimensional. I eventually made a realization that I needed to limit what I was allowing into my stream of focus. They were only distracting me from the things that really deep-down mattered to me. Unfollowing a bunch of these people, and simultaneously seeking out individuals who truly inspired me in more meaningful ways, has totally altered my online experience and helped me move into other realms of creativity. Rather than checking in online and finding myself depressed, comparing myself to unattainable facades, I can now sign off feeling inspired, more capable, and good about myself. I think every woman, or any social media user for that matter, should make an effort to curate their online experience. Social media is such an easy thing to get sucked into, and the power it can have over your emotions and perspective is undeniable. It is up to YOU to make sure that you're getting something positive out of it.

That being said, I'd love to share some of my favorite social media pages and people. Check them out... and see what curating your social media feeds does for you.

Misty Copeland
Misty recently hit a next level of celebrity after her I Will What I Want campaign with Under Armour went viral. I fell in love with her strength, beauty, and determination when I first saw it! Misty is breaking down race barriers as an African American soloist at the American Ballet Theatre (only the third in history, and first in two decades). She started late for this form of art, at age 13, and inspires others that it is never too late to go after your dreams. Misty is also an author with her book, Life In Motion. She's an inspiration whose images are mind-bogglingly breathtaking.

Jessica Chastain
Jessica Chastain knows how to mix gorgeous magazine covers and promo shots with real life and inspirations. This outspoken feminist isn't afraid to speak her mind, and often posts about women's issues, bullying, and saving animals. She is truly a celebrity with a heart of gold.

The Talks
I love The Talks for their unique little interviews. They speak with artists from all walks of life about various topics. If you'd like some random insights into creative minds and lifestyles then this is a page you'll love getting status updates from.

Rachel Moore
Rachel Moore is a model with Next LA, as well as a general badass. Along with her gorgeous professional images you'll also find inspiration for being fit and conquering the great outdoors. Rock climbing, sky diving, scuba diving, yoga... she seemingly does it all. Love this chick!

Valerie Carpender
Valerie Carpender is more than a pretty face (and hot bod). She's not only a successful model, but also an inspiring creative, fitness and health junkie, and animal lover. I love seeing her posts about her creative processes in her studio, painting or making jewelry. And this sweet girl gets me inspired to stay focused on a healthy lifestyle. A truly multi-dimensional and intriguing woman.

Ellen Page
Smart, hilarious, and completely lacking ego... Ellen Page is a gal you can't help but want as your best friend. She's a vegan, feminist, and human rights activist - a humble celebrity who manages to hit home with serious topics and light-hearted comedy alike. Plus, she's a super talented actress. What isn't there to like??

Rachel Brathen
This cheerful yogi always brightens my day! Rachel manages to make pro-level yogi moves seem attainable, if only by her mantra #yogaeverydamnday. She's an inspiration for doing your best every day in order to reach your goals. Unlike some other yogi's on social media she seems non-elitist and more like the girl next door. Her body is strong and well fed, and she invites you into her emotional downs as well as her ups. About a year ago she experienced the death of her best friend, and Rachel's emotional openness with her followers in her mourning was so brave, heart-breaking, spiritually insightful, and refreshingly honest. Rachel is a lovely beacon of light.

Jessica Alba
This well known actress is turning a lot of heads lately... in the business world. Jessica embarked on a new personal challenge a few years ago, starting a toxin-free line of home products after she couldn't find anything already available she was happy with. The Honest Company is now about to go public, with a $1billion valuation. Her posts are always uplifting - showing her sweating it up at workouts, in the office, with her family, and pursuing her ongoing acting career (which she calls her creative outlet). She's a woman with it all, not afraid to honestly show the hard work that goes into it.

Emma Watson
This famous actress may be young, but she is not an ingénue. Wise beyond her years, successful, and stylish with sophistication, Emma Watson is a force to be reckoned with. Emma graduated from Brown University in 2014 with a degree in English Literature. She has called seeking a formal education and a normal life "an act of rebellion" from her upbringing starring in the Harry Potter franchise. Emma has also become a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, and recently gave a very moving speech for the HeForShe campaign, inspiring a new generation of feminists everywhere. I can't wait to see what she does next.

I'm always looking for new sources of inspiration. If you have some favorite people or pages you follow please feel free to share in the comments!

Ellen Hancock

Actress, Model, Creative.


  1. Love your perspective on curating one's own online experience and totally agree. Another female inspiration that I find uplifting online is Amy Poehler (Twitter @smrtgrls). Love how she encourages girls to think and act in empowering, kind, and all around positive ways.

  2. Oh ya! I love Amy Poehler! She says such brilliant things. Will have to follow her! :) Thanks Jess!

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