July 29, 2015

Meet the Model: Margaux Brooke

I'm going to admit that I had a little star-struck heart flutter when I met Margaux Brooke in person. My acting class at Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop (AMAW) in LA had just combined with another class… and I immediately recognized Margaux in the new group. Her look was unmistakable, and I knew I had seen her countless times on the website of e-commerce juggernaut Nasty Gal.

She had an emotional scene that night, and I was really impressed with her commitment and vulnerability working through it. She was only in my class that one evening, and then she flew off to work in New York, where she keeps up her acting studies at the AMAW New York location.

Not long after that I started noticing Margaux pop up in my news feed more and more. Her career was going places - fast. I'm super excited she agreed to do an interview for A Not So Model Life - not just because of her exploding career, but because of her intelligence and creative drive as well. She's someone who I think has succeeded in balancing career, fun, and personal growth. Plus her skillful use of social media is an agent's dream come true.

Here's Margaux…

Model Margaux Brooke. A Not So Model Life, anotsomodellife.com

Margaux Brooke with Jared Leto for Bullett Magazine. A Not So Model Life, anotsomodellife.com
Margaux Brooke with Jared Leto for Bullett Magazine

How did your signature hairstyle come about? I love your short little bangs.

I’ve had bangs since I was 17, but the short bangs were actually my idea around the time “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” came out. I was obsessed with Rooney Mara and I wanted her exact hairstyle. My agents thought it was a bit extreme, so instead I just adopted her short bangs.

I see you’re on Periscope! Do you use it often? How do you like it?

Periscope is super fun. I think the ‘LIVE’ aspect of it is what makes it so exciting for people. It brings people so much closer together than Youtube, Instagram or Twitter. It’s the most instant gratification I think out of any social media platform right now. I think it’s going to be the next big thing.

Jorge Urena, an agent at Wilhelmina, recently praised you in an online interview because of the way you use social media. Do you view social media as a part of your job?

Absolutely. I am constantly updating all of my platforms. I try to do it daily on Instagram and Twitter and then weekly on Facebook and my blog. Clients want models with a follower-base and who aren’t afraid to promote their work. The fashion industry is all about consumerism at the end of the day - the more people seeing and talking about a product, the more likely people are to buy it. I think for me personally, I really enjoy showing people the behind-the-scenes of the modeling industry because it is an extraordinary lifestyle that only a few really get to experience.

Margaux Brooke at a party for Treats! Magazine, A Not So Model Life anotsomodellife.com
Margaux Brooke at a party for Treats! Magazine.
Margaux Brooke - Behind the Scenes for Shøn Magazine. A Not So Model Life, anotsomodellife.com
Behind the Scenes for Shøn Magazine.

What’s your favorite on-the-go snack?

Chocolate Muscle Milk. It’s lactose free and very filling, plus it provides me with all of the nutrients I need on the go. Often I’ll have to be at a shoot early in the morning and my stomach isn’t really “awake” enough to eat solid food, so I find muscle milk to be perfect.

I love that you are taking acting classes right now. How is that different than modeling for you?

It’s extremely challenging. My 6 weeks of intro to acting was like learning how to walk or say my ABC’s. I was so shy, and unable to express emotion. It’s completely different than modeling, and I didn’t expect it to be. But the more I do it, the more I love it. It’s kind of like therapy. You lay everything you have out in front of your class. You yell, you scream, you cry, you be still. It’s so satisfying. I’m really excited to learn more and start pursuing actual roles.

Do you see yourself leaning more towards acting or modeling in the future?

Once I’m more comfortable with acting I definitely want to pursue a career in it. I want to get an acting agent and manager and start auditioning for TV and film roles. But modeling will always be a part of my life and I think the two careers can go hand-in-hand. I think Cara Delevingne is the current poster child for models who can also act.

Margaux Brooke with Karolina Kurkova. A Not So Model Life, anotsomodellife.com
Margaux Brooke with Karolina Kurkova
Margaux Brooke for Chloe Magazine. Photographed by Greg Swales. A Not So Model Life, anotsomodellife.com
Margaux Brooke for Chloe Magazine. Photographed by Greg Swales.

I think most people got to know you after you appeared on The Face, but were you modeling before that? Were you at all hesitant to go on a reality TV show?

I was modeling long before The Face. I started when I was 9 years old, but really only worked on the commercial side of the modeling world. It wasn’t until after The Face that I started working in NYC and doing more editorial/high fashion work.

I was extremely hesitant to be on a reality show. I wanted to wait until the first season aired to see how it did but someone dear to me said it was better to make it onto the first season because it would have more hype. I never wanted to be on ANTM, but I thought the chance to work with Coco Rocha was too big an opportunity to miss.

If you weren’t modeling, what do you think you’d be doing?

I’m a super nerd and love PC gaming. I would probably have a degree in computer science and be working for some gaming or tech company like Blizzard or Riot, or Twitch TV, or Google.

What is your beauty routine like? Any favorite products you can tip us off to?

My regime varies as I am always trying to find new products, but currently I am obsessed with Dermologica’s Daily Microfoliant. I love exfoliating but sometimes it’s too rough on your skin to do daily, but this product is perfect for daily use. I also love their Skin Resurfacing Cleanser. It’s unreal how smooth my face feels after using those two products. I also love moisturizing - it’s very important. For that I use Kiehls Rosa Artica cream. It’s super powerful but very light feeling.

Margaux Brooke - Behind the scenes for Revs Magazine. A Not So Model Life, anotsomodellife.com
Behind the scenes for Revs Magazine.

Margaux Brooke for Revs Magazine. Photographed by Nicolas Guerin. anotsomodellife.com
Margaux Brooke for Revs Magazine. Photographed by Nicolas Guerin.

How do find some sense of balance in your life amidst your hectic schedule and constant traveling?

I really love music. I listen to music pretty much all day every day. In my car, on the plane, on the subway, walking to my castings. My life has a constant soundtrack, which keeps me grounded and helps me deal with my current mood and emotions. I also love to draw and paint. So if I need to check out of life for awhile, I’ll open up my sketch book and press play on Spotify and lose myself for a bit.

Thank you Margaux!
Ellen Hancock,
A Not So Model Life

For more of Margaux visit her blog: margauxbrooke.tumblr.com
Margaux on Instagram: @margauxbrooke

All images posted via Margaux's blog with her consent.

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