November 10, 2015

My Interview on Coffee With Kat!

I was recently a guest on the new online talk show Coffee With Kat!

We cover a lot of topics. Check it out, broken down into four parts below.

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"In this video we get to know Ellen Hancock and talk about the importance of keeping your materials up to date as an actor, knowing your type, as well as advice on building your reel."

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"In this video Kat and Ellen talk about blogging and social media presence."

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"In this video Ellen tells Kat her secret to her perfect skin. We also dive into Entertainment Industry advice- like how to take great digitals, finding the right agent, and self taping as an actor."

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"In this video Ellen and I talk about her love of photography and tips on how to get started as a photographer."

Thanks so much for having me Kat! :)


  1. That was nice! It will be cool if you'll add more ideas on the topic. You know, like more guests or what.

  2. That was nice. Thank you for sharing those materials. Those topics you've discussed here were really topical.

  3. this was a great interview. I got to see all the segments on YouTube and it was an enjoyable experience to listen/watch the interview.